Jan 102011

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Honestly.

Judge sentences Tom DeLay to 3 years in prison

Tom DeLay
Tom DeLay

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A judge ordered former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to serve three years in prison Monday for his role in a scheme to illegally funnel corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002.

The sentence comes after a jury in November convicted DeLay on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The Republican who represented the Houston area was once one of the most powerful people in U.S. politics, ascending to the No. 2 job in the House of Representatives. During a several-minute statement to the judge prior to sentencing, DeLay repeated his longstanding claims that the prosecution was politically motivated and that he never intended to break the law.

“I can’t be remorseful for something I don’t think I did,” DeLay said.

Senior Judge Pat Priest sentenced him to the three-year term on the conspiracy charge. He also sentenced him to five years in prison on the money laundering charge but allowed DeLay to accept 10 years of probation instead of more prison time.

I will be very surprised if he serves a day in prison, but isn’t it fun to watch justice being served?

DeLay guilty

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Nov 252010

I don’t know about you but this news absolutely made my day. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy…

Jury convicts Tom DeLay in money laundering trial

Tom DeLay
Tom DeLay

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay – once one of the most powerful and feared Republicans in Congress – was convicted Wednesday on charges he illegally funneled corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002.

Jurors deliberated for 19 hours before returning guilty verdicts against DeLay on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He faces up to life in prison on the money laundering charge…

Prosecutors said DeLay, who once held the No. 2 job in the House of Representatives and whose heavy-handed style earned him the nickname “the Hammer,” used his political action committee to illegally channel $190,000 in corporate donations into 2002 Texas legislative races through a money swap…

The verdict came after a three-week trial in which prosecutors presented more than 30 witnesses and volumes of e-mails and other documents. DeLay’s attorneys presented five witnesses.

“This case is a message from the citizens of the state of Texas that the public officials they elect to represent them must do so honestly and ethically, and if not, they’ll be held accountable,” Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg said after the verdict.

Prosecutors said DeLay conspired with two associates, John Colyandro and Jim Ellis, to use his Texas-based PAC to send $190,000 in corporate money to an arm of the Washington-based Republican National Committee, or RNC. The RNC then sent the same amount to seven Texas House candidates. Under Texas law, corporate money can’t go directly to political campaigns.

Prosecutors claim the money helped Republicans take control of the Texas House. That enabled the GOP majority to push through a Delay-engineered congressional redistricting plan that sent more Texas Republicans to Congress in 2004 – and strengthened DeLay’s political power.

The sentencing phase of the trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on December 20. One report I heard stated that our convicted felon friend Tom faces a minimum of seven years in prison. Another report says he could get anything from probation to life in prison. We shall see. You know which one I’m pulling for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lapel pin

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Oct 062007

The next time a winger brings up Senator Obama’s decision to not wear his patriotism on his lapel, mention this picture:


Or this picture:


Or even this picture:


I’m willing to bet that it will not take them long to change the subject.

(In the event you did not know or are unable to figure it out, the top picture is of disgraced Republican Senator Larry Craig, the middle of disgraced Republican Senator David Vitter and the bottom of disgraced Republican former Representative Tom DeLay. Notice they are all wearing their patriotism on their lapels.)