The View 07-29-10

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Jul 292010

President Barack Obama made history again today. He became the first sitting United States President to appear on a daytime television talk show. He chose “The View.” One cannot help but admire his courage…

I’d have to say that the ladies of The View (and their audience) were completely charmed. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Jun 182008

Okay, I confess, I have never watched The View. I’m sorry. It just does not come on at an hour when I’m generally watching the tube. When I heard about this video, I had to watch it.

The video is a little over 24 minutes in length. You may not have time to watch the whole thing. I really encourage you to at least watch the first minute. It is so easy to visualize Michelle Obama as the next First Lady of the United States. I actually read somewhere today where somebody mentioned that she may be running for the presidency herself in twelve years or so. I can so see it.

Anyway… watch it. At least the first minute or so…