Sep 102013

President Obama addressed the nation on Syria tonight. You should have watched, but in case you did not or would just like to watch again…

America must now decide how we want to move forward as a nation. Do we want to continue in a leadership role or are we to be content with sitting back and being a follower and a has-been? I believe the President very clearly laid out tonight which path he would choose.

Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security, are at stake in Syria, along with our leadership of a world where we seek to ensure that the worst weapons will never be used.

America is not the world’s policeman. Terrible things happen across the globe, and it is beyond our means to right every wrong. But when, with modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death, and thereby make our own children safer over the long run, I believe we should act. That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional. With humility, but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.

A transcript of President Obama’s remarks follows the break.

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Aug 312013

President Obama on the use of chemical weapons in Syria:

Now, after careful deliberation, I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets. This would not be an open-ended intervention. We would not put boots on the ground. Instead, our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope. But I’m confident we can hold the Assad regime accountable for their use of chemical weapons, deter this kind of behavior, and degrade their capacity to carry it out.

Our military has positioned assets in the region. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever we choose. Moreover, the Chairman has indicated to me that our capacity to execute this mission is not time-sensitive; it will be effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now. And I’m prepared to give that order.

But having made my decision as Commander-in-Chief based on what I am convinced is our national security interests, I’m also mindful that I’m the President of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy. I’ve long believed that our power is rooted not just in our military might, but in our example as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. And that’s why I’ve made a second decision: I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people’s representatives in Congress.

Over the last several days, we’ve heard from members of Congress who want their voices to be heard. I absolutely agree. So this morning, I spoke with all four congressional leaders, and they’ve agreed to schedule a debate and then a vote as soon as Congress comes back into session.

He has decided that military intervention in Syria is called for but, given all the noise that has been forthcoming from the Congress critters over the past several days, he has also decided to let them have their say. We shall now see if they really are willing to put their money where their mouths are. Let the consequences of any action or inaction on our part be on their heads since that seems to be where they want it to be.

The full transcript of the President’s remarks follows the break.

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