SNL 09-29-18

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Sep 302018

Did you catch SNL’s cold open last night? It has already been viewed more than two million times on the youtube. Just in case you missed it or would just like to see it again…

Matt Damon kills as Brett Kavanaugh. What’s interesting is that he really didn’t exaggerate Kavanaugh’s words or gestures at all. Well, maybe the words (a little).

SNL 03-05-16

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Mar 062016

I usually watch about the first six or seven minutes of Saturday Night Live, then I’ll switch to something entertaining. What I’m saying is that the first few minutes of that show are usually all that are worth watching. Last night’s opening was no exception. You should watch it if you missed it, or perhaps you just want to indulge again.

Told you it was good.

SNL Cold Open 12-12-15

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Dec 132015

From yesterday’s Saturday Night Live cold open, President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) announces he’s entering the presidential race and assesses the current crop of GOP candidates.

Watch it if you missed it or just wish to see it again.

Mar 092014

In last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open, President Obama called on a special guest to help deliver a personal message to Russian President Vladimir Putin…

SNL Gun Control Debate

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Apr 142013

In case you missed Saturday Night Live’s cold opening on gun control last night, have a look…

I realize this was meant as humor, but it really just about summarizes where we are right now in reality. The NRA pretty much has this debate bought and paid for.

Undecided voters

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Sep 232012

Most Americans already know for whom they will be voting in the presidential election now just 44 days in the future. In those 44 days, both campaigns and their “super-pacs” will be spending a whole lot of money courting those few who do not yet know for whom they will be voting. Last night’s Saturday Night Live gave us a pretty accurate portrayal of the undecided voters…


Nov 062011

As most of you know, Rick Perry delivered an unusually animated speech in New Hampshire a week ago this past Friday. Some have gone so far as to say that he was either drunk or on drugs. It was a pretty safe bet that Saturday Night Live would be doing something on Perry’s speech. They did last night. Here’s SNL’s Bill Hader as Rick Perry on “Weekend Update.”

I don’t know for sure, but it seems that these Republican candidates are made out of teflon or something. Whatever they do just seems to bounce right off them as far as the Republican electorate is concerned. I mean Rick Perry shows up to give a speech obviously under the influence of something and the Republicans still think of him as a somewhat viable candidate. Herman Cain sexually harasses at least three women and the Republicans continue supporting him in the polls and throwing money in his direction. Mitt Romney flip-flops on every issue known to man and he’s still right up there with Cain. Thankfully, Santorum, Gingrich and Bachmann are done and out (though none of them seem to yet realize it).

Our Republicans are sure a fun lot, aren’t they?