Hansen unplugged 09-25-17

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Sep 262017

WFAA (channel 8) is our local ABC affiliate. Dale Hansen is the sports anchor at WFAA. Every once in a while he goes “unplugged.” When he does, it is well worth our time to listen to what he has to say. Last night, he went unplugged about Donald Trump’s (though he never names him by name) attack on the NFL and the right to protest and free speech guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Listen…

Told you it would be worth your time.

TNG not paid

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Aug 182008

This is simply not right:

Families Struggle As Texas Guard Paychecks Delayed

DALLAS (CBS 11 News) – Denena Bailey wants to make sure her girls don’t see her tears after she can’t pay their bills. The Bailey’s have missed three checks from the Texas National Guard.

“My paychecks are what’s currently paying for our groceries and gas to get to and from work,” she said.

Chad Bailey is a medic is training in Oklahoma. He’s expected to be deployed to Iraq in the next few weeks.

“School’s starting in a couple of weeks and you don’t have the money to buy your kids clothes to go back to school in,” Denena said. “They are pulling our soldiers away from good paying jobs where we never had to worry about where our next paycheck was coming from and where we were going to eat and that’s what we are going through now.”

Denena isn’t alone. A spokesperson with the Texas National Guard said there was a glitch in their accounting system. The problem was supposed to be fixed last week. But now it looks like it won’t be taken care of until August 28.

If we can afford to spend $2,000,000,000 per week on George W. Bush’s war of choice in Iraq, it sure seems like we should be able to pay the soldiers who are volunteering to fight that war. The federal government should have stepped in before now. These families need to be paid yesterday. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of incompetence. None.

Aug 182008

I have known for some time that Texas Governor Rick Perry is not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I never realized he was quite this dumb…

Perry: Teachers With Guns ‘Would Have Saved Lives’

AUSTIN (AP) – Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicated Monday he supports a tiny school district’s decision to allow teachers and staff to pack guns for protection when classes start later this month.

Trustees at the Harrold Independent School District approved a policy change last year to allow employees to carry concealed firearms to deter and protect against school shootings.

“There’s a lot of incidents where that would have saved a number of lives,” Perry said.

Texas law outlaws firearms on school campuses “unless pursuant to the written regulations or written authorization of the institution.”

District policy requires a teacher carrying a gun to school to have a Texas concealed handgun license, be authorized by the district to carry the weapon, have training in crisis management and hostile situations and use ammunition designed to minimize the risk of ricochet in school halls.

“The issue with handguns is the training and registration,” Perry said. “After that, you’re trained and registered.”

The 110-student district is 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth on the eastern end of Wilbarger County, near the Oklahoma border. It has about 50 teachers and staff members.

Asked if other school districts should take similar measures, Perry said, “It’s up to those local school districts.”

It is beyond me how putting guns in our schools and adding more bullets to those already flying through the air is going to save lives. Sure, there is a chance that some teacher may at some point in time be able to shoot and kill a school intruder, but how many kids are going to get in the way of a bullet and be killed in the process? More guns is not the answer. Say what you will, I will never be convinced otherwise.

Maybe they could put a notice on the marquee in front of the school: “Don’t be shootin’ here cuz our teachers be packin’.”

Tracy Morgan on SNL

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Mar 162008

Saturday Night Live has had a decidedly pro-Hillary stance for the past few weeks. I guess they decided to try to level the playing field last night…

Now that was some funny stuff, that was. Of course the righties won’t approve, but that’s alright because they don’t have a sense of humor anyway.

They would rather talk about how gays are a bigger threat to our country than terrorists.

Mar 092008

Saturday Night Live did another of their Clinton/Obama skits last night. In case you somehow missed it (you might have actually found something interesting to watch or a good book to read or you were “making love” or whatever)…

And… (I can’t believe journalism in this country has sunk this low. Wait… yes, I can.) The little girl asleep in Hillary Clinton’s fear-mongering 3 a.m. television ad (which, by the way, aired only in Texas but everybody in the world has now seen) really wants Barack Obama to answer the telephone…