Pelosi running scared

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Oct 192007

Of what is Nancy Pelosi so afraid? Why will she not stand up to George W. Bush and the Republicans? Just ten short months ago we were celebrating her election as Speaker of the House. Today, we are wishing we had somebody in that position who would stand and speak for us.

Pelosi Statement on Stark Comments

Washington, D.C. — Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today on comments made yesterday by Congressman Pete Stark on the House floor during debate on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program:

“Yesterday’s debate in the House to override the President’s veto of bipartisan legislation to cover 10 million children was heated on both sides. While Members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand – providing health care for America’s children.”

Rather than fearing a president whose approval rating currently stands at 24% and a political party currently in the minority in both houses of Congress (and losing influence quickly), perhaps it is time for Nancy Pelosi to start representing the people who put her in the position she now occupies.