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Jul 222010

I have to admit that this bothers me just a little…


KDFW is our local FOX affiliate, the same station that brings us “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.” It is public broadcast television. It does not require a cable or satellite subscription.

KDFW, beginning next Monday, will be airing “The Huckabee Show” from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

It just seems to me that political talk shows, particularly extreme right wing political talk shows, should be restricted to the cable network — you know, FOX News. That’s what it’s there for, right? I mean, what’s next… Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity? All in all, though, I believe I am taking this rather well. Can you imagine how the Republicans would be screaming if KXAS, our local NBC affiliate, starting airing Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow?

Jun 182008

My man Mike Huckabee, who the Republicans passed over for their presidential nod but for whom I am still holding out hope for a vice presidential nod, delivered a speech at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Tokyo yesterday. Afterward, he spoke with reporters…

Huckabee: Demonizing Obama is a ‘fatal mistake’

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee

(CNN) – Former GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee called Barack Obama’s candidacy “a landmark achievement” Tuesday, and warned fellow Republicans not to demonize Obama.

“Republicans will make a fundamental if not fatal mistake if they seek to win the election by demonizing Barack Obama,” Huckabee told reporters in Tokyo, according to a report by Agence France-Presse.

Huckabee praised the country for getting “to a point where we did not see his color but we truly saw his charisma, his message and what he brought to the campaign trail.”

“When people are really hurting — and they are right now — they’re not looking at a person’s race,” he added.

Too late, Mike.

To their credit, the Republicans in Texas have disavowed this button which was sold at their state convention this past weekend…


Then there is right wing “humor” like the following, gleaned from The BoBo Files today…


Giving BoBo the benefit of the doubt, he was probably trying to be funny. The vendor selling that button at the Texas Republican Convention probably thought it was funny, too.

It’s a thin line.

May 182008

My campaign to win Mike Huckabee the Republican presidential nod was a complete failure, so today I embark upon a new venture: Michael Dale Huckabee for Vice President.

That rather loud smacking noise you’ve been hearing since earlier this morning? Pay it no mind. It’s just Pastor Mike kissing John McCain’s wrinkled old butt (when he can manage to elbow Mitt Romney out of the way)…

Huckabee says he would like to be McCain’s No. 2

The 2008 Republican Ticket
The 2008 Republican Ticket

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Sunday he’d like to be John McCain’s running mate.

“There’s no one I would rather be on a ticket with than John McCain,” said Huckabee, who was a stronger than expected challenger against McCain for the Republican presidential nomination. “All during the campaign when I was his rival, not a running mate, there was no one who was more complimentary of him publicly and privately. … I still wanted to win, but if I couldn’t, John McCain was always the guy I would have supported and have now supported.

“But whether or not I do the best for him, that’s something that only he can decide,” Huckabee said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister who had strong support from religious conservatives, won the leadoff Iowa caucuses and seven other states. He left the race in March after Arizona Sen. McCain clinched the nomination following a series of big victories.

Huckabee also apologized again for remarks he made Friday to the National Rifle Association. Responding to an offstage noise during a speech, Huckabee said it was Democrat Barack Obama diving to the floor after someone had aimed a gun at him. Huckabee issued an apology Friday evening.

Please, Republicans, I am begging you. If you have any love in your hears for me whatsoever, you will nominate Mike Huckabee as your vice presidential candidate in 2008. Start the e-mail campaign now. Let John McSameasbush know that you want Pastor Mike on your ticket. Do it now!

P.S. Did you catch SNL last night? It contained the most realistic McCain ad yet…

Old fart.

May 162008

(The Friday Night Cartoons are in the post prior to this one.)

Even joking about assassinating the President of the United States will likely earn you a visit from the FBI or the Secret Service. Shouldn’t suggesting the assassination of the leading candidate for the presidency be taken just as seriously?

Huckabee jokes about Obama ducking a gunman

(CNN) – During a speech before the National Rifle Association convention Friday afternoon in Louisville, Kentucky, former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee — who has endorsed presumptive GOP nominee John McCain — joked that an unexpected offstage noise was Democrat Barack Obama looking to avoid a gunman.

“That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he’s getting ready to speak,” said the former Arkansas governor, to audience laughter. “Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

Our Republicans are really losing their bearings this year, aren’t they? They’ve obviously forgotton how to engage brain before opening mouth.

The Republicans really disappointed me when they failed to make Pastor Mike their presidential nominee. Perhaps they will redeem themselves and make him Old Man McCain’s running mate. One can hope, can’t one?

Note that his right wing audience laughed. They thought it was funny. Republicans, can’t live with ’em… well, you just can’t live with ’em.

Update: Perspective, from John Cole

Personally, watching Mike Huckabee make this stupid remark in an off-the-cuff and unscripted gaffe tells me a lot less about him that watching George Bush go to the heart of the Israeli government, and in a scripted event read from a card, lecturing the descendants of the Holocaust about appeasement and Hitler for some brief, cheap, domestic political gain.

Huckabee’s gaffe was an accident and, while unfortunate, is forgivable. Bush’s crass, calculated, and obnoxious rhetoric yesterday is not. We would be wise to remember which is worse.

Update #2 — The Huckster Apologizes:

“During my speech at the N.R.A., a loud noise backstage, that sounded like a chair falling, distracted the crowd and interrupted my speech. I made an off hand remark that was in no way intended to offend or disparage Sen. Obama. I apologize that my comments were offensive. That was never my intention.”

Will you make him your veep candidate now? Please.

Mar 042008

For several months now I have been pleading with my Republican friends to vote for Mike Huckabee in the Republican primaries. Today is the day. Unless Pastor Mike can pull a miracle out of his toolbox today, he is most likely done.

There are still a few hours remaining before the polls close in the states holding primaries today. If you are a Republican (and still, for whatever reason, determined to vote Republican) in one of those states, please get up off your butt and go cast your vote for Michael Dale Huckabee. Just think about how fun and exciting this general election could be with Pastor Mike as your candidate versus how boring and tiring it will be if you nominate John Sidney McCain III. (Face it, he’s old!)

Here’s the pastor in Dallas this morning:

Go. Now. Vote for Mike. Please.

And thank you.

UPDATE: “Huckabee Drops Out.” Good luck with the old dude.

Mar 022008

The Dallas Morning News endorsed Michael Dale Huckabee in the Republican presidential primary way back in December. (They also, at that time, endorsed Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary.)

Now, two days before the Texas primary, the editors of The Dallas Morning News want to remind Republican voters that they really are serious about backing Pastor Mike, even though has has no chance of winning the nomination…

Editorial: We recommend Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee

Whatever Texas Republican primary voters do Tuesday, John McCain is all but guaranteed to be the party’s presidential nominee. It is mathematically impossible for Mike Huckabee, the last remaining major GOP contender, to capture the nomination. The former Arkansas governor even turned up on Saturday Night Live recently to poke fun at himself for not going away.

Let’s be clear: Mr. Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, remains our choice for the GOP nomination. But Mr. McCain has racked up by far the most delegates and leads among Texas Republicans by a wide margin in recent opinion polls. Though he can’t clinch the nomination Tuesday, victory is undeniably close.

Aside from his long experience and personal courage, he has a solid record of fiscal responsibility and has been on the right side of campaign finance reform and environmental issues. And he was correct and principled to lead the fight for comprehensive immigration reform last summer. Still, his age – 71 – and his choleric temperament gave us pause, particularly when contrasted to Mr. Huckabee’s sunny-side-up brand of conservatism.

Win or lose in November, the GOP is destined to spend the next few years redefining itself. For many reasons, Reaganism, which made the GOP the dominant political party of the last generation, no longer resonates as it once did with the American public. The world has changed since Ronald Reagan’s election nearly 30 years ago, and the great man’s political heirs will have to adjust the GOP’s strategy and tactics to new realities.

To that end, Mr. Huckabee, 52, should be a top leader in tomorrow’s Republican Party. His good-natured approach to politics – “I’m a conservative; I’m just not mad about it,” as he likes to say – is quite appealing after years of scorched-earth tactics from both parties. He’s a pragmatist more concerned with effective government than with bowing to ideological litmus tests. For example, he has proven himself willing to violate anti-tax dogma to undertake investment in infrastructure for the sake of long-term prosperity.

Wouldn’t it be beyond hilarious if Mr. Huckabee actually won in Texas? It is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, you know, given the number of true-red conservatives in the state and how the conservatives feel about presumptive Republican nominee John Sidney McCain III.

I know this: it would certainly bring that liberal McCain down a notch or two!

Feb 102008

Huckbabee Contests WA Results

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee

The Huckabee campaign is contesting the results of the Washington caucus, claiming the state chairman declared McCain the winner before all the votes were counted.

Campaign Chairman Ed Rollins told reporters Sunday that in addition to delegates, the “dubious” announcement hurt Huckabee’s momentum after surprise wins in Kansas and Louisiana Saturday night.

“This is a very serious issue,” Rollins told reporters at a hastily arranged briefing in his hotel room. “Obviously, this is a game about, at this point in time, about every delegate, every vote should count. And it’s also about perception.”

Rollins said he was not accusing the McCain campaign of anything, but said Washington Republican State Party Chairman Luke Esser suspended voting with only 87 percent of the votes counted, and then issued a press release declaring McCain the victor. When Huckabee campaign officials reached Esser Sunday, he said the rest of the votes would be counted today and refused requests for the campaign to monitor the tallying, Rollins said, adding Esser said the campaign should trust the party.[..]

The Huckabee campaign said they would pursue legal avenues to have an accurate count of the Washington caucuses. And Rollins said the effort was also a warning shot to other states that might try to declare McCain the victor before an accurate count.

“I think it’s very important that we go on record that we’re gonna go after every single delegate we are entitled to,” he said. “And I think that every chairman in the country should be on notice that this is an improper procedure, and if you’re gonna ask people to vote, you count the votes.”

This from the AP:

Rollins said Huckabee was losing by 242 votes with 87 percent of the vote counted. He said there were another 1,500 or so votes that were apparently not counted.

Feb 092008

There is still a sliver of hope that the Republicans might nominate my guy Mike Huckabee. At this point, whatever they decide to do is fine. It’s just that a campaign with Pastor Mike in it would be a lot more fun than one with that old guy who was defeated by George W. Bush back in 2000.

Huckabee wins Republican contest in Kansas

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee

WASHINGTON, Feb 9 (Reuters) – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the Republican presidential contest in Kansas on Saturday, Fox News Channel projected, showing signs of life in a nominating race front-runner John McCain has nearly sewed up.

The win for Huckabee followed a strong showing in the South earlier in the week, when the Baptist minister won four Southern states and West Virginia in “Super Tuesday” voting involving nearly half of U.S. states.

Huckabee vowed earlier in the day, during an appearance at a conference of conservative activists, to continue his shoestring campaign that has appealed to social and religious conservatives.

“Am I quitting? Let’s get that settled right now. No, I’m not,” Huckabee said at the conference.[..]

Huckabee said he would continue his campaign at least until McCain captured the decisive number of delegates.

“I know that I won’t drop out until at least that happens and then we’ll see,” he told reporters after his speech, denying he was hoping to become McCain’s vice-presidential running mate.

“I did not major in math, but I majored in miracles, and I still believe in them,” Huckabee said later at a rally at the University of Maryland in College Park.

Feb 072008

How would you have reacted six months ago if somebody had told you that the 2008 Republican presidential nomination would come down to a race between John McCain and Mike Huckabee?

That’s pretty much how I would have reacted, too. I’m still having a little trouble believing that it’s really happening.

Pastor Mike got a bit boost today, at least among evangelicals. James Dobson, founder of the hate group Focus on the Family, is throwing his support in Huck’s direction…

Huckabee to Get Evangelical Leader’s Nod

James Dobson
James Dobson

James Dobson, one of the nation’s most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, is about to endorse former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, The Associated Press has learned.

Dobson, founder of Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Focus on the Family, talked to the GOP presidential hopeful Thursday and later was to release a statement explaining his choice, said Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for Dobson.

Huckabee had long sought Dobson’s endorsement, believing he is the best fit to advance Dobson’s conservative, moral worldview.

Until now, Dobson had never endorsed a GOP presidential hopeful during the primary campaign. But he ruled out front-runner John McCain in a blistering commentary on Super Tuesday, and on Thursday the fight for the GOP nomination narrowed to a two-man race between McCain and Huckabee, who is far behind in the delegate count but pledged to fight on. Mitt Romney, a third hopeful trying to claim the conservative label, dropped out of the race Thursday.

Dobson released a statement Tuesday that criticized McCain for his support of embryonic stem cell research, his opposition to a federal anti-gay marriage amendment and for his temper and use of foul language.

He said if McCain were the nominee, he would not cast a ballot for president for the first time in his life.

I do not see how Pastor Mike can possibly lose now. Do you?

Feb 052008

I have been trying to convince my Republican friends to nominate Mike Huckabee for president in 2008. I figure they’re going to lose anyway so why not have some fun along the way? It is not looking like they are going to take my advice. Instead, they seem intent upon giving the right wing bloggers and talking heads the finger and nominating that old guy who lost to George W. Bush eight years ago.

But, hey, my man Pastor Mike scored first on Super Tuesday!

Huckabee scores first Super Tuesday win

Michael Dale Huckabee
Michael Dale Huckabee

(CNN) — Republican Mike Huckabee scored the first Super Tuesday victory, winning all 18 delegates at stake in West Virginia — partially with the help of Sen. John McCain’s backers.

The former Arkansas governor won with the support of 52 percent of the state’s GOP convention delegates on the second round of balloting. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came in second with 47 percent of the vote, and Sen. John McCain was backed by 1 percent of the delegates.

Romney was ahead in the first round of voting in Charleston but failed to get the majority needed to win.

It appeared as though supporters of McCain, who placed a distant third on the first ballot, moved over to Huckabee, helping him to carry the day.

Front-runners McCain and Romney, have engaged in some bitter exchanges over their conservative records in recent weeks.

“This is raw politics as it’s really practiced,” CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider said. “The McCain supporters who were third in the first round decided to throw their weight behind Mike Huckabee in order to stop Mitt Romney from winning this convention. And look at that — they did.”

Go, Pastor Mike! (Can we now start dreaming of a McCain/Huckabee ticket? Would that be fun or what?)

Update: Flipper whines

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President Campaign Manager Beth Myers issued the following statement regarding the outcome of West Virginia’s Republican Party convention:

“Unfortunately, this is what Senator McCain’s inside Washington ways look like: he cut a backroom deal with the tax-and-spend candidate he thought could best stop Governor Romney’s campaign of conservative change.

“Governor Romney had enough respect for the Republican voters of West Virginia to make an appeal to them about the future of the party based on issues. This is why he led on today’s first ballot. Sadly, Senator McCain cut a Washington backroom deal in a way that once again underscores his legacy of working against Republicans who are interested in championing conservative policies and rebuilding the party.”