Dueling rallies

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Sep 172010

Watch as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announce their “Rally to Restore Sanity” and “March to Keep Fear Alive,” respectively…

So if you find yourself with little else to do on the weekend of October 30th (other than move your clocks one hour back or hand out trick-or-treat candy) and a few dollars to spare, why not join the dynamic duo in Washington, D.C.? You may learn something.

Sep 042008

Oh, the hypocrisy!

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More here.

Update: There can be no doubt in anybody’s mind that Sarah Palin is, without doubt, a real Republican. She sure knows how to play The Victim Card – something at which our Republicans seem to excel…

Palin criticizes Obama again in solo appearance

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Thursday took an immediate swipe at Democratic nominee Barack Obama in her first solo campaign appearance since joining the GOP ticket. The Alaska governor also issued a fund-raising appeal that blamed the Democratic presidential ticket for spreading “misinformation and flat-out lies” about her family and her.[..]

In a fundraising letter issued Thursday, she wrote that “the Obama-Biden Democrats have been vicious in their attacks directed toward me, my family and John McCain. The misinformation and flat-out lies must be corrected.”[..]

She did not take questions from reporters.

It’s too bad she didn’t have the courage to take questions from reporters. One of them may have had the cajones to ask her specifically what “misinformation and flat-out lies” she was talking about. It really would be interesting to know what information we have about her, her family and John McCain is, in her mind, “misinformation and flat-out lies.”

If the lady cannot stand the heat, perhaps the lady should get out of the kitchen. (Uh-oh. Was that sexist? Oops!)

P.S. “Obama-Biden Democrats.” Is that like “McCain-Palin Republicans?” Just wondering…

P.P.S. Keep it up, Mrs. Palin! CNN reports…

Barack Obama’s campaign says it has raised more than $8 million from over 130,000 donors following Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin’s speech Wednesday night.

The campaign also says it is on track to raise $10 million before John McCain takes the podium at the Republican National Convention tonight.

(For those into such things… That’s about $61.54 per donor.)

The Republican National Committee tells Jonathan Martin that they raised “more than $1 million” since Palin’s speech. (The McCain campaign can no longer privately raise funds for itself, since Mr. McCain opted to accept $85 million in government financing for his general election campaign.)

Update: “Obama raises $10 million after Palin speech.”