The Jimmy Kimmel Test

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Sep 192017

Here is part of Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue from tonight’s show. He talks out the new Republican “health care bill” and how it absolutely fails the Jimmy Kimmel test, though one of its authors promised, to Kimmel’s face on national television, that it would pass the test.

Republicans lie. We know that.

Kimmel Thanksgiving Cartoon

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Nov 242011

If you watch Jimmy Kimmel you know that he likes to take classic cartoons and replace the soundtrack with something more current. A few nights ago he took the Peanuts Thanksgiving cartoon from 1973 and dubbed in the soundtrack from a recent Republican “presidential” debate. (Yes, we all know that 1973 was 38 years ago, not 28. You really do not need to point that out.) Watch it. I am of the opinion that it is his best effort yet.


Tiger blood

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Mar 222011

Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night during Jimmy’s interview with Mark Cuban. I’m beginning to believe he really is crazy — but in an entertaining sort of way. Watch…

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