Entrecard 101

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Oct 262010

Entrecard is currently running a promotion whereby you can earn 5,000 free credits just for posting a review of their service, so…

I have been involved in Entrecard practically since the service began. There have been several changes since then (including a change in ownership), but it is still a great way to promote your blog, see some new blogs that you likely would never have otherwise seen and gain some new friends (or antagonists). So check it out. You may be glad you did.

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Mar 312009

Thanks to our top twenty Entrecard droppers for the month of March:

001.png   002.jpg   003.jpg   004.png

005.jpg   006.jpg   007.jpg   008.jpg

009.jpg   010.jpg   011.jpg   012.jpg

013.png   014.jpg   015.jpg   016.png

017.jpg   018.jpg   019.jpg   020.png

(Note that this is a snapshot of our top twenty taken at the time the post was written. Our top twenty droppers are tracked in real time in the sidebar.)

Top Droppers Day

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Jan 312009

Today is Top Droppers Day at Entrecard. It is the day you are supposed to create a post on your blog listing and thanking the top ten droppers to your blog for the month just ending. However, I didn’t think it quite fair to cut the list off at ten since at least twenty folks have dropped their card on mine every day this month. So here are those twenty. Good folks these… pay them a visit why don’t you?

1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg   4.png

5.jpg   6.jpg   7.png   8.jpg

9.jpg   10.jpg   11.jpg   12.jpg

13.png   14.png   15.png   16.jpg

17.jpg   18.jpg   19.jpg   20.jpg

Once again, my thanks to all these fine folks. Remember, our Top Twenty Droppers are always tracked in real time in the column to your left.