Jul 212016

Are you watching Trump’s speech to the RNC? I see his mouth moving and all I hear coming out are lies, lies and more lies. But you have to admit, his speechwriter (whoever it was) talks a big game. For somebody who swore he would never use a teleprompter, The Donald is doing a pretty good job of reading his speech. That much I will give him, and nothing more.

Please, let it end already. Can November get here quickly enough?

P.S. He’s sweating badly. Remember when Richard Nixon sweated on television? Donald J. Trump will never be president of the United States. I just wish he’s shut up already.

Addendum: It’s over. That was the darkest, most pessimistic political speech I think I have ever heard. And I’ve heard a bunch.

Jul 202016

Once again I have been watching bits and pieces of night three of the RNC. I watched as much as I could. Admittedly, it wasn’t a lot. But it was enough to wonder what country these people are living in. It certainly is not the country I live in. I love my country. They don’t seem to care much for theirs. Seems all they can do is bitch, bitch and then bitch some more. It’s downright tiring.

It’s kind of entertaining, though, to watch all these millionaires and billionaires stand on that stage and complain about how bad they have it. No wonder they love The Donald.

Jul 192016

Well, they did it. I honestly thought the people with some sense would somehow prevail at the end. They didn’t. The Republican party officially nominated Donald Trump today.

I have tried my best to watch bits and pieces of the RNC this week. It hasn’t been easy. I have never heard so much nonsense from so many hypocrites in my entire life. Plus, if our television sees much more of my middle finger I honestly think it may develop a complex.

Please, next week, hurry up and get here!