Dec 142016

We now have a full-fledged Constitutional crisis on our hands…

U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack

U.S. intelligence officials now believe with “a high level of confidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.

Putin’s objectives were multifaceted, a high-level intelligence source told NBC News. What began as a “vendetta” against Hillary Clinton morphed into an effort to show corruption in American politics and to “split off key American allies by creating the image that [other countries] couldn’t depend on the U.S. to be a credible global leader anymore,” the official said.

Ultimately, the CIA has assessed, the Russian government wanted to elect Donald Trump. The FBI and other agencies don’t fully endorse that view, but few officials would dispute that the Russian operation was intended to harm Clinton’s candidacy by leaking embarrassing emails about Democrats.

Please welcome our new Russian overlords.

Nov 112016

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement about the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States:

“I have personally been on the ballot in Nevada for 26 elections and I have never seen anything like the reaction to the election completed last Tuesday. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.

“White nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear – especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans and Asian Americans. Watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent Americans cry tears of fear does not feel like America.

“I have heard more stories in the past 48 hours of Americans living in fear of their own government and their fellow Americans than I can remember hearing in five decades in politics. Hispanic Americans who fear their families will be torn apart, African Americans being heckled on the street, Muslim Americans afraid to wear a headscarf, gay and lesbian couples having slurs hurled at them and feeling afraid to walk down the street holding hands. American children waking up in the middle of the night crying, terrified that Trump will take their parents away. Young girls unable to understand why a man who brags about sexually assaulting women has been elected president.

“I have a large family. I have one daughter and twelve granddaughters. The texts, emails and phone calls I have received from them have been filled with fear – fear for themselves, fear for their Hispanic and African American friends, for their Muslim and Jewish friends, for their LBGT friends, for their Asian friends. I’ve felt their tears and I’ve felt their fear.

“We as a nation must find a way to move forward without consigning those who Trump has threatened to the shadows. Their fear is entirely rational, because Donald Trump has talked openly about doing terrible things to them. Every news piece that breathlessly obsesses over inauguration preparations compounds their fear by normalizing a man who has threatened to tear families apart, who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and who has directed crowds of thousands to intimidate reporters and assault African Americans. Their fear is legitimate and we must refuse to let it fall through the cracks between the fluff pieces.

“If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate. Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans. Donald Trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears, but he owes it to this nation to try.

“If Trump wants to roll back the tide of hate he unleashed, he has a tremendous amount of work to do and he must begin immediately.”

Sep 062016

My hometown newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, has endorsed the Republican candidate for President in every election since 1964. Until now. Here is a bit of what they had to say today…

Donald Trump is no Republican

Donald Trump is no Republican and certainly no conservative.

Trump has displayed an authoritarian streak that should horrify limited-government advocates. This impulsive, unbridled New York real estate billionaire and reality-TV star wants to deport people who were born in the U.S. and don’t meet his standard for loyalty. He has proposed banning all Muslims from entering the country, even those escaping Islamist rule, and won’t rule out creating a database of Muslims already living here.

His open admiration of Russia’s Vladimir Putin is alarming…

His isolationist prescriptions put sound bites over sound policy: Invite the Russians into our elections. Bomb the Middle East into dust. Withdraw from NATO.

It’s not easy to offer a shorthand list of such tenets, since Trump flips from one side to the other, issue after issue, sometimes within a single news cycle. Regardless, his ideas are so far from Republicanism that they have spawned a new description: Trumpism.

We have no interest in a Republican nominee for whom all principles are negotiable, nor in a Republican Party that is willing to trade away principle for pursuit of electoral victory.

Trump doesn’t reflect Republican ideals of the past; we are certain he shouldn’t reflect the GOP of the future.

Donald Trump is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote.

I miss Letterman

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Aug 022016

I do. I truly miss David Letterman. Imagine how much fun the current presidential campaign would be if he were still doing his show. This video was recorded way back in 2012. Enjoy…

Jul 292016

If there was one speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention that should guarantee that Donald Trump never sees the inside of the Oval Office, this is it:


UPDATE: Here is Trump’s response to Mr. Khan. This alone should disqualify him from ever being president of the United States.

Jul 212016

Are you watching Trump’s speech to the RNC? I see his mouth moving and all I hear coming out are lies, lies and more lies. But you have to admit, his speechwriter (whoever it was) talks a big game. For somebody who swore he would never use a teleprompter, The Donald is doing a pretty good job of reading his speech. That much I will give him, and nothing more.

Please, let it end already. Can November get here quickly enough?

P.S. He’s sweating badly. Remember when Richard Nixon sweated on television? Donald J. Trump will never be president of the United States. I just wish he’s shut up already.

Addendum: It’s over. That was the darkest, most pessimistic political speech I think I have ever heard. And I’ve heard a bunch.

Jul 192016

Well, they did it. I honestly thought the people with some sense would somehow prevail at the end. They didn’t. The Republican party officially nominated Donald Trump today.

I have tried my best to watch bits and pieces of the RNC this week. It hasn’t been easy. I have never heard so much nonsense from so many hypocrites in my entire life. Plus, if our television sees much more of my middle finger I honestly think it may develop a complex.

Please, next week, hurry up and get here!

Jul 172016

Did you happen to catch the Donald Trump Show on 60 Minutes this evening? Wasn’t it nice of him to bring his hand puppet Mike Pence?

Seriously, Trump hardly let Pence get a word in edgewise. When he did try to speak or answer a question, Trump would interrupt and finish his thoughts for him.

Don’t get me wrong. I dislike Mike Pence as much as I dislike Donald Trump. Neither of them believe in the things I believe in. Things like equal rights, a living wage, billionaires paying their share of taxes, separation of church and state… You know, things like that.

Plus, have you had a chance to peruse the Republican party platform yet? If not, you should look it up and give it a once over. It reads like they want to revive Communism. Don’t laugh. It does. Read it.

I keep hearing the yakking heads on TV saying that tRump has a chance of winning this election. Huh-uh. No way. Americans at times are not as intelligent as they probably should be, but they are not stupid enough to elect Donald Trump. So these next four days in Cleveland will be a complete waste of time. On second thought, they will be good for a laugh or two. Enjoy.