Republican meltdown

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Aug 132010

Right wing extremists are now spouting the theory (they call it fact) that pregnant women from the Middle East and from Mexico are coming into the United States for the sole purpose of having their babies and then taking them back home to raise as terrorists that will then return to the United States (as U.S. citizens) and blow the place up. Last night, Anderson Cooper had one of the proponents of that theory, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on his show. He asked Rep. Gohmert to present any proof that he or his cohorts might possess in support of their theory. He got no proof in response to his request, but he certainly got an entertaining meltdown and tantrum from Mr. Gohmert…

This is what our Republicans do. You are well aware of this if you witnessed any of the so-called town hall meetings from about a year ago. They scream, shout and holler in the hopes that eventually you will tire and give in to them. Thankfully, we have responsible and intelligent journalists like Anderson Cooper who are willing to stand up to their crap.

From the previous evening, Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle:

Watch these videos. Then ask yourself… are these really the people to whom we want to return the keys of government in November? Extremist, alarmist and (I’m sorry) just plain stupid.