Nov 052010

Here’s a great letter sent in to The Denver Post by Jane Madden of Colorado Springs, CO…

So, many in this country decided Tuesday that the Democrats had plenty of time to undo the damage caused by the Republicans over eight long years. They have said that 21 months should have been plenty of time to restore the economy, get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and put everyone back to work. Well then, I now give the Republicans in the U.S. House 21 months to undo the damages they initially caused themselves.

In a way, it is nice. Let them use their own methods to get us out of the messes they created. If, by October 2012, we are not all employed, living comfortably, have restored the deficit to where Bill Clinton left it in 2009, and are completely out of all wars in the Middle East, then I challenge those same voters to undo the damage they have done this week and put the Democrats back into office. Twenty-one months. That is all they get. Good luck, may the force be with them, and God help us all.

(I believe President Clinton left office in 2001, though… not 2009. And he left a budget surplus, not a deficit.)

My sentiments exactly. The voters gave the Democrats 21 months to fix everything, so 21 months is all the Republicans should get. Fair is fair, after all. Right?

Nov 042010

If you are still holding on to the belief that anything will be accomplished during the 112th Congress, please take a few minutes to watch this clip from last night’s The Rachel Maddow Show

Note to Rachel: The laugh track we could have done without. Nothing you said or presented in this clip was particularly funny. Just saying.

(P.S. I apologize for posting John Boehner’s face twice in a row. Get used to it. You’re going to be seeing it quite a bit in the next two years. Sorry.)

Nov 032010

Compare and contrast the news conference that John Boehner (presumptive incoming Speaker of the House), Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader) and Haley Barbour (governor of Mississippi) held this morning to the one conducted by President Obama this afternoon (previous post). President Obama continues to cling to the belief that he will be able to work with the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans left little doubt that they believe they now have a mandate from the American people and promise no compromise. They expect the President and the Senate to do things their way as they are now the new leaders…

It’s going to be a long two years, folks. Fasten your seat belts.

Nov 032010

President Obama is holding a news conference to discuss the results of yesterday’s midterm elections. It is starting right now. Watch it live here. (Live event has finished.)

I could tell you what he’ll say, but why ruin the surprise?

This post will be updated with video and/or transcript when/if those become available.

UPDATE: The President continues to hold onto the belief that the Republicans will work with him. I admire his optimism and wish I could share it. Here’s the video of today’s news conference…

The transcript follows the break.

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Nov 022010

All indications are that the Republicans have won control of the House of Representatives. I do not understand. The pundits are saying that people voted for the Republicans mainly because they are unhappy with the state that the economy is in. It was the Republicans that got us in this mess in the first place. It will now be the Republicans that will delay any economic recovery for at least two years. If voters wanted to send a message to President Obama and the Democrats tonight, message received. You love misery and want to prolong it for as long as possible.

Congratulations. Mission accomplished. Our government will now be in deadlock and no further progress will be possible for at least the next two years.

Really, people, I am so disappointed. Have you learned nothing?

My congratulations condolences to Speaker Boehner.

The fun begins.



Oct 272010

First, I want to share with you a political ad currently being run in Texas by our Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst. It is typical of the kind of negativity and fear being marketed by Republicans all over the country.

See what I mean? Very short on detail (to the point where detail is nonexistent), but very long on the negativity and fear.

I just want to briefly address the last thing he mentions in this masterpiece. The Affordable Health Care for America Act. (Notice, though, that Republicans never refer to the new health care law by its real name. They prefer to call it “Obamacare.” Helps with the whole negativity and fear thing. If big bad Obama wants it, it’s gotta be bad, right?)

Second, I want to share the following graphic. It shows when key parts of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (“Obamacare”) take effect. I would ask Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst to step in here and tell us exactly which parts of this new law he objects to and why. Is it the part that allows people who previously could not get insurance due to pre-existing conditions to now get insurance? Perhaps its the part the prevents the insurance companies from canceling your coverage when you get sick? Maybe he’s in favor of lifetime caps on coverage? Or is he simply opposed to people having health insurance coverage who do not currently enjoy that coverage?

Anyway, here’s the graphic. Pass it around. A little truth never hurt anyone. (You can click on it to make it bigger.)


“Destroy health care as we know it?” We can only hope, Mr. Lieutenant Governor. We can only hope.