Jul 292016

If there was one speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention that should guarantee that Donald Trump never sees the inside of the Oval Office, this is it:


UPDATE: Here is Trump’s response to Mr. Khan. This alone should disqualify him from ever being president of the United States.

DNC 2016

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Jul 292016

It’s been an amazing week, hasn’t it? I haven’t had much of chance to write about it here, but it really has been a busy and thrilling week. In case you somehow missed it last night, here is Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech. I thought she did a heck of job.

Meanwhile, here is Donald Trump’s reaction to the Democratic National Convention…

Do you really think we can trust this guy with the nuclear codes?

P.S. The “little guy” to whom Donald refers is Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City. Click here to watch his DNC speech.