Weekly Address 03-26-16

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Mar 262016

“Defeating ISIL”

From the White House weblog:

In this week’s address, President Obama offered his thoughts and prayers to the people of Belgium and to families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, including at least two Americans. He reiterated our support of Belgium as a close friend and ally of the United States, especially in the fight against terrorism. The President emphasized that defeating ISIL remains our top military, intelligence, and national security priority. He reminded us that as we move forward in this fight, we must use the power of our example as a Nation that is open to refugees escaping ISIL’s violence, refuses ISIL’s hateful and violent propaganda, and rejects any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans. Together, we will not abandon our values and way of life – we will succeed and the terrorists will fail.

Transcript after the break.

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