Ferguson finale

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Dec 202014

Did you happen to catch Craig Ferguson’s final Late Late Show last night? I’ll post the video here in case you didn’t. You don have to watch the whole thing unless you want to — just the first five minutes or so. Who knew Craig could sing?

I think Craig kind of lost his fire for the show over the past year or two. Truthfully, I did too. Our hearts just weren’t in it, I guess.

The sole guest for the finale was Jay Leno. I have to confess that I never saw what others saw in Jay Leno. Some have suggested it was a generational thing. I don’t see how, since he and I are exactly the same age. (Uh oh, I just gave away my age!) I just never saw that much talent in Mr. Leno. There was a lot of ego, but not much talent.

Anyway… good luck, Craig, in wherever your road leads you.

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