Suing the President

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Jul 302014

As you may have heard, the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted today to proceed with a lawsuit against the President of the United States. They are suing him for delaying implementation of a segment of the Affordable Care Act which they opposed. In short, the President did what the Republicans wanted him to do and they are now suing him for doing it. Wow.

President Obama spoke in Kansas City today. He went there to talk about the economy. He could not help himself, though. He had to talk about the Republicans and their frivolous lawsuit.

But think about this — they have announced that they’re going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. So they’re mad because I’m doing my job. And, by the way, I’ve told them — I said, I’d be happy to do it with you. So the only reason I’m doing it on my own is because you don’t do anything. But if you want, let’s work together.

I mean, everybody recognizes this is a political stunt, but it’s worse than that, because every vote they’re taking like that means a vote they’re not taking to actually help you. When they have taken 50 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, that was time that could have been spent working constructively to help you on some things. And, by the way, you know who is paying for this suit they’re going to file? You.

Here is video of his entire speech:

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