Jun 092014

Texas Republicans’ stance on gay ‘reparative therapy’ shrinks GOP tent just a little more

Given recent events, it’s no great surprise that the state GOP convention underscored the party’s ongoing march into a strange ideological wilderness.

No one, it seems, loves God, guns, “family,” the U.S. Constitution and Ted Cruz more than Texas Republicans. No one hates socialism, the United Nations, people without green cards, and the federal government more.

Well, these are matters of opinion, I suppose. And witnessing the manic tea party witch-hunters cannibalize the pro-business country-club types who used to run the GOP offers a kind of creepy magnetism, like watching an alligator swallow a python.

What is awkward, for Texans in general and for educated Texas Republicans in particular, has to be the party’s determined retreat from ordinary, established knowledge and the rule of science. Instead, they’re galloping over the mountain to a magic land where wishes are facts and belief equals truth.

Surely there are Republicans out there who were already embarrassed to see members of their own party reject climate change, evolution, federal authority and the establishment clause.

The newest appendix to this roll call of superstition is the grotesque and professionally discredited practice of “reparative therapy,” a junk-science counseling program that’s supposed to brainwash people who are gay into thinking they’re not.

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P.S. You can help put an end to this lunacy. Please send a few dollars (or more) to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. Thank you!

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