Letterman to retire

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Apr 032014

David Letterman to retire from ‘Late Show’ in 2015

Here is his announcement from tonight’s show (which has not yet aired, but has been recorded)…

I’ve been a Letterman fan for many years. I never quite warmed to Jay Leno (too many gay jokes) and can’t quite wrap my mind around Jimmy Fallon (too juvenile, imho). Jimmy Kimmel I can usually handle, until he, too, starts acting silly. Craig Ferguson was okay until he got hooked on his genitals.

You’ll be missed, David! Luckily, we have another year together.

(I’ll usually watch Letterman, then switch over to TBS to catch Conan O’Brien.)


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Apr 032014

I need to run to the store for some graham crackers…

In case you somehow missed the original ad…