Weekly Address 09-14-13

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Sep 142013

“Pursuing a Diplomatic Solution in Syria”

From the White House weblog:

In his weekly address, President Obama followed up on his speech to the nation on Tuesday and said there is the possibility for a diplomatic solution in Syria, partially because of the credible threat of U.S. military force. Russia has joined the international community in pushing Syria to give up its chemical weapons—which were used to kill more than 1,000 people on August 21 —and the U.S. will take steps to ensure this is not a stalling tactic. We will also maintain our military posture in the region and remain prepared to act if diplomacy fails. This allows us to achieve our goal of deterring the Syrian regime from using chemical weapons, degrade their ability to use them, and make it clear to the world that we won’t tolerate their use, in order to preserve a world free from the fear of chemical weapons for our children.

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