May 242013

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His two moms

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May 242013

I just happened upon this video (here) and want to share it with you. It’s video of 18-year-old Riley Roberts talking to a Nevada State Senate committee about his two moms. The committee was debating a resolution favoring marriage equality.

The resolution went on to pass the State Assembly by a vote of 27-14. It had earlier passed in the Senate on a 12-9 vote. All no votes were from Republicans.

Nevada Legislature advances gay marriage resolution

A constitutional amendment that would let voters decide whether to legalize gay marriage passed the final hurdle of the 2013 legislative session Thursday but still has a long way to go.

Senate Joint Resolution 13 passed the Assembly on a 27-14 vote, bringing the process to get it to the ballot in 2016 to an end for this year. All the no votes were Republicans. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, voted with Democrats.

The proposed amendment must pass again in identical form in the 2015 legislative session before it can go to the ballot. Gov. Brian Sandoval’s signature is not required.

The proposal would remove Nevada’s current prohibition on same-gender marriage from the state constitution, and add new language recognizing same-gender marriage…

The measure earlier passed the Senate on a 12-9 vote will all Democrats and one Republican in support.