May 172013

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Ordinary People

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May 172013

Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, penned an outstanding op-ed that was published in yesterday’s Washington Post. You should read it. Here’s one paragraph to whet your appetite. Click on the heading at the beginning of the quote to read the entire article.

Gay marriage and the right to be ordinary

Nine years ago Friday, same-sex marriages started happening in Massachusetts, and the time since then has proved wonderfully unremarkable. The sky has not fallen. The earth has not opened to swallow us up. Thousands of good people, contributing members of our society, have made free decisions about whom to marry. Most have been joyful and lasting. Some have failed. Ho-hum. And even as this principle of government treating people equally spreads to 11 more states and the District of Columbia, even as mean-spirited politicians stoke discord over marriage equality in election years, people just keep on being people, choosing their life partners by the same old mysteries, regardless of sexual orientation. Gays and lesbians, like blacks and whites a generation ago, want nothing more than to be ordinary.

P.S. I really am not comfortable with the term “gay marriage.” I do not believe you should need terms to differentiate between “gay marriage” and “straight marriage.” Marriage is marriage. Everybody should have the right to spend their life with the person they love. Period.

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