May 032013

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New NRA President

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May 032013

Unbelievable. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post.

The New NRA President Fantasizes About “Whipping” Anti-Gun Opponents

Just in time for its wingnut-filled annual meeting tomorrow, the National Rifle Association is set to install a new president: an Alabama lawyer who laments “the war of Northern Aggression,” calls Barack Obama “this fake president,” and fantasizes about “whipping” opponents of the gun lobby’s agenda.

Jim Porter of Birmingham, a longtime board member whose daddy’s name graces an NRA championship shooting trophy, is expected to take office tomorrow in Houston at a national shindig that will include speeches by Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, and John Bolton.

In addition to bearing a passing resemblance to Pappy O’Daniel, Porter works at his own law firm, where his areas of expertise include “defense of firearms manufacturers” from product-liability lawsuits. His NRA election announcement also identifies him as a “special assistant attorney general for the state of Alabama,” which couldn’t be independently verified by publication time. But if true, Alabama must have one of the few governments that Porter trusts, given his views on those scalawag federals.

(Is somebody standing behind him lighting his farts or what?)

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