A shameful day for Washington

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Apr 172013

Extended background checks for gun purchases is supported by 90% of the American citizenry, including 80% of Republicans. Extended background checks for gun purchases was defeated today in the United States Senate by a vote of 46 to 54; 46 against and 54 in favor. As we all know too well, the minority rules in the democracy that is the United States Senate.

President Obama just completed remarks in the White House Rose Garden. I do not know that I have ever seen him quite so angry. He called today “a shameful day for Washington” and called on Americans to vote the people out of office who will not support their will and to vote people in who will. I will add the video and text of the President’s remarks when they become available. (Update: video added at end of post.)

We all have the right to be very angry and extremely disappointed today, and we should be. Please call your Senators and let them know how disappointed you are in the results of the vote on gun background checks in the Senate today.*

All Republicans except four voted against the background checks. The four Republicans who voted in favor were Senators Toomey of Pennsylvania, McCain of Arizona, Collins of Maine and Kirk of Illinois. All Democrats except four voted in favor of the background checks. The four Democrats who voted against were Senators Baucus of Montana, Begich of Alaska, Heitkamp of North Dakota and Pryor of Arkansas.

*I have already called the offices of both of my senators to express my displeasure at their votes today. You should do the same. When you do, there is no need to be belligerent or rude. Just identify yourself to the staff member who answers the phone and let them know you are calling to express your disappointment (or displeasure) in the senator’s vote on gun purchase background checks today. You will likely be asked for your zip code. Give it, then thank the staff member for their time and politely end the conversation.

Our representatives do not know they are not representing us unless we tell them so.

Transcript follows the break.

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