Claiming victory

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Nov 072012

As you surely know by now, President Barack Obama was elected to a second term yesterday. He won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote. Not only did he win his home state and that of Vice President Joe Biden, but he also won Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s home states. But enough with the gloating. In case you didn’t stay up last night to see the President’s victory speech, here it is…

As per usual, the transcript of the President’s remarks is below the fold.

Mitt Romney delivered his concession speech shortly before the President spoke. The pundits are calling it a “gracious” concession. I do not agree. See if you do. It seems to me that he spent most of his speech deriding America for being too stupid to elect him as our leader. Not once did he mention President Obama by name. Oh, and Ann would have made a great First Lady.

Congratulations, America. You did a good thing.

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