I voted today

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Oct 262012


Have you voted yet? (Assuming the Republicans in your state still allow it.)

P.S. I should say I think I voted. Being in a Republican-controlled state with electronic voting machines that have no paper trail, one can never be sure.

Oct 262012

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anderson102312.jpg   anderson102412.jpg   bagley102312.jpg

bagley102412.jpg   bennett102412.jpg   branch102212.jpg

branch102412.jpg   carlson102112.gif   carlson102412.gif

darkow102412.jpg   granlund102412.jpg   judge102312.jpg

luckovich102412.jpg   luckovich102512.jpg   morin102412.gif

pett102512.jpg   plante102512.jpg   rogers102112.jpg

rogers102312.gif   rogers102512.jpg   sack102412.jpg

sargent102112.gif   siers102512.jpg   smith102412.jpg

tornoe102412.jpg   weyant102412.jpg   wolverton102212.jpg

zyglis102412.jpg   anderson102612.jpg   bagley102612.jpg

bennett102612.jpg   bish102612.jpg   horsey102212.jpg

horsey102612.jpg   luckovich102612.jpg   margulies102612.jpg

morin102612.gif   rogers102612.gif   sack102612.jpg

toles102612.gif   wuerker102612.gif   zyglis102612.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.