Oct 222012

I will likely have more on this later but here are my first thoughts on tonight’s presidential debate…

Mitt Romney is the new president of the Barack Obama Fan Club.

Though Mr. Romney clearly got most of the talk time this evening, he used nearly all of it to declare how strongly he agrees with everything President Obama has done and is doing with regard to foreign policy (which was, by the way, the topic of tonight’s debate). I hope the Obama campaign is at this moment drafting a thank you card to the Romney campaign.

The hoarseness and the sweating aside, all in all a weak performance from W. Mitt Romney tonight. This debate, as the last one, must go to the President. I remember my mom, when I asked her in 2004 why she voted for George W. Bush, saying that we should not be changing horses in the middle of the stream. Ditto, mom. As we saw tonight, there would be no point. Doing so would, in my opinion, do irreparable damage to our country and to the world.

  2 Responses to “Third Presidential Debate of 2012”

  1. So how do you have a debate on foreign policy and fail to duscuss reform of the UN? As long as we continue to pretend that dictators are legitimate representatives of nations (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, China, etc), foreign policy will continue to be a muddled mess.



  2. Gotta agree, Romney is so used to pandering he even pandered to his debate opponent. Bad form.

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