Sep 192012


  2 Responses to “Outside the Circle”

  1. I think it’s hilarious how you guys and the media continue to try to portray Romney as being out of touch. Given the fact that a CNBC poll shows that 77% of those polled agree with Romney’s statement

    You will have to vote to see the answer. As of the last time I voted – there were 45,000+ who voted and it came out to that figure. This is another Chik-fil-A moment where the media and you guys on the left have got it completely wrong – again.

    BTW – looks like Entrecard is down!

  2. @ The BoBo:
    Really? You are basing this on an online poll? Okay. I guess we have no choice but to believe it then. You got us. We’re completely wrong. Again.

    (Whatever gets you through the night, my friend.)

    P.S. I don’t understand the Chick-fil-A reference. Didn’t they come out today and say they are no longer funding anti-gay organizations?

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