Aug 242012

Click & enjoy.

anderson082312.jpg   anderson082412.jpg   bagley082112.jpg

bennett082012.jpg   bennett082312.jpg   bennett082412.jpg

branch082212.jpg   carlson082012.gif   carlson082412.gif

cole082412.jpg   englehart082112.jpg   hands082212.jpg

heller082212.jpg   horsey082112.jpg   horsey082312.jpg

judge082012.jpg   lowe081912.jpg   lowe082112.jpg

lowe082312.jpg   luckovich081912.jpg   luckovich082212.jpg

luckovich082412.jpg   margulies082412.jpg   morin081912.gif

morin082412.gif   rogers081912.jpg   rogers082212.gif

sack082012.jpg   sargent082212.gif   sargent082412.gif

schorr082112.jpg   stantis082312.jpg   steier082112.jpg

thompson082312.jpg   wuerker081912.gif   zyglis082312.jpg

zyglis082412.jpg   thompson082412.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

  5 Responses to “Friday Night Cartoons 08-24-12”

  1. You really want to know what Romney’s hiding in his tax returns? He made a fortune in a company that profits from disposing fetuses. It goes against his anti-abortion stance and would ruin him among conservatives, so pass it on!

  2. That’s a pretty cool slide show set up you got there. Is that a blog app?

  3. These political cartoons never cease to amuse me. Always right on the spot!

  4. @ The BoBo:
    It’s a WordPress plugin called Simple Lightbox.

  5. @ Len:
    Thanks, Len. Going to have to add it to my blog as well. That’s pretty cool.

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