Aug 212012

I know that you have heard Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) statement that women cannot get pregnant when they are raped because their bodies will not allow it. Today, he doubled down and stated that many women fake being raped just so they can get an abortion. Republicans have been falling all over themselves to denounce Mr. Akin’s ridiculous claims. Thing is, the things that Akin is saying are nothing new to Republicans. Rachel Maddow explains…

Amazing, isn’t it? Just further proof that Republicans have no scruples and they have no morals. They will say whatever they think you want them to say just to get you to vote for them. They think Americans are very stupid people. I hope we show them once and for all in this year’s elections that we are not.

  6 Responses to “Legitimate rape”

  1. We could end the argument about giving IQ tests for voters if we could just give IQ tests to the candidates. What an idiot. Now that the funding and endorsements have vanished, he issues an apology today. Anybody that believes he ‘misspoke’ deserves this clown as a representative.

  2. It’s idiots like this that give Conservatives such as myself a bad name. This guy is a moron and needs to drop out.

    BTW – did ya miss me? 🙂

    I know – waiting for the regular comeback – “Oh, were you gone!”

  3. @ The BoBo:
    I wondered once or twice what had become of you. Welcome back.

    I’m sorry to see that you bought into that whole “you didn’t build that” hype. Anybody who reads all of what our president said knows what he meant and agrees with him 100%. Nobody ever built anything in this country from the ground up without some help. Period.

  4. @ Len:
    Thanks for the welcome back. I was working diligently over the past year on my dissertation only to have someone beat me to the punch and published an article on my topic – very similar – too similar for me to be able to publish. I was about 2 months away – now I’m working on a new topic.

    Anyway – you do have to admit, if Obama was referring to the infrastructure – he didn’t do a very good job of delineating it. I read the transcript and watched it – where he says “You didn’t build that” is directly after “If you’ve got a business” – it does tend to appear that he really is saying that entrepreneurs are not responsible for their own ideas and successes.

    Do I get the idea and understand the concept of the whole government supplied infrastructure of roads, railways, and runways? Sure. But the ideas, blood, sweat, tears, financial capital, and hard work all come from the individual entrepreneur who can build his/her business to the point he/she can employ others to help continue to make him/her successful while providing them a living.

    Besides – I just like the parody song. You gotta admit it’s pretty catchy!

  5. @ The BoBo:
    I just can’t believe the Republicans are trying to build their whole campaign strategy on a quote taken completely out of context. Then again, maybe I can.

    P.S. Good luck with the hurricane. Stay safe!

  6. @ Len:
    Well, when the best candidate you can put up for President is a RINO that can’t pull in the base – you gotta hang your hat on something. They have beaten that horse to death. What we Conservatives really want to hear is his economic plan for improving the economy, bringing back jobs, and how he is going to reduce the enormous debt and deficit to bring this country back to financial solvency. Couldn’t care less about the personal attacks.

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