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Aug 112012

[Note: Obligatory Paul Ryan post precedes this post.]

“All-Hands-On-Deck Response to the Drought”

From the White House weblog:

President Obama discusses the Administration’s all-hands-on-deck approach to one of the worst droughts in more than fifty years.

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Aug 112012

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney has selected Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate in the 2012 presidential election. He caved to the extreme right wing of the Republican party.

Ryan is currently serving as the chairman of the House Budget Committee. Most will remember him as the author of the horrible Republican budget bill that dismantled Medicare and Social Security and attempted to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class, preserving at all costs the tax cuts for the rich.

This is clearly a desperation move on the part of Mr. Romney. Republican conservatives are still having a hard time getting behind his candidacy. He’s hoping this pick of Mr. Ryan will help them. It will definitely cost him the support of any undecided moderates and independents that may still be out there. This is the pick that the Democrats would have made if they had been charged with making the pick.

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

UPDATE: It seems that all the “liberal media” has wanted to talk about all day is about how young and good looking Paul Ryan is, how much of a policy wonk Paul Ryan is, how smart and engaging Paul Ryan is, etc. etc. The Obama campaign released the following video in an attempt to remind folks of the truth about Mr. Ryan.