Jul 202012

Click on the first thumbnail, sit back and enjoy the show.

anderson071812.jpg   bagley071712.jpg   bagley072012.jpg

bennett071712.jpg   bennett071812.jpg   bennett072012.jpg

cagle071812.jpg   carlson071612.gif   carlson071812.gif

cole071612.jpg   darkow071712.jpg   fitzsimmons072012.jpg

handelsman071612.gif   horsey071912.jpg   judge072012.jpg

luckovich071712.jpg   luckovich072012.jpg   margulies071712.jpg

margulies071812.jpg   margulies071912.jpg   milbrath071812.jpg

morin071712.gif   morin071912.jpg   oliphant071912.gif

parker071812.jpg   plante071712.jpg   plante071812.jpg

plante072012.jpg   rogers071712.gif   sargent071812.gif

shenehan071112.gif   sheneman071612.gif   siers071612.jpg

siers071912.jpg   thompson071912.jpg   toles071712.gif

wuerker071812.gif   wuerker072012.gif   zyglis071612.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

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  1. Great satire on Romney and his tax issue!

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