Killing health care

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Mar 282012

It is unfortunate that our Republicans have channeled their hatred of President Barack Obama (and Democrats in general) into their fight against the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “Obamacare”). If they were honest with themselves and us, they would acknowledge that they would be praising this legislation to the high heavens had it been enacted by a Republican president and a Republican congress.

The Republicans have succeeded in pushing their fight against the Affordable Care Act (and President Obama and the Democrats) all the way to the Supreme Court, where current consensus among the pundits appears to have the legislation on “life support.” That is a shame as it means a return of complete control of your health care to the big insurance companies. The Republicans have nothing with which to replace the Affordable Care Act. This is fine by them as it is not their intent to replace it. Their sole intent is to see it struck down as most Americans view it as a victory for the Democrats. They simply cannot let that stand. It has to go.

And that is a shame. If the Affordable Care Act is struck down, a whole lot of Americans are going to suffer. The thing is… Republicans don’t care. Their blind hatred supersedes any hint of humanity they might possess.

They must be stopped.