Brewer’s greeting

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Jan 262012

When you are the intellectually challenged Tea Party governor of Arizona, this is how you greet the President of the United States…


  3 Responses to “Brewer’s greeting”

  1. How do you spell tacky? B-r-e-w-e-r.

  2. I agree, no one should ever treat the President of the United States with such blatant disrespect BUT there have been years of the liberally loaded media dripping scathing insults at former presidents..not at their policies but at the individuals themselves as well as their families.. and many of the so called News Reports were inaccurate at best.. There was no respect then either.. The President of the United States remains the President of the United States whether he be liberal, conservative or a mix there of.

    What bothers me is now, it is considered offensive.. when before it was just peachy keen to insult the man who held the office. You can not create an environment then get mad when it exists..

  3. Even if you dislike the man… you must respect the office.

    People who disliked Bush were still cordial (even deferential) to him in person.

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