First Lady interview 01-11-12

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Jan 112012

First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with Gayle King of CBS This Morning to talk about the book that is now out claiming she does not get along with the President’s staff (a la Nancy Reagan)…

It is amazing the stuff some people can come up with, isn’t it? Ordinarily I would chalk stuff like this up to jealousy and envy, but given the state of our politics I think there may be a bit more involved.

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  1. If she weren`t on presidential stuff her book would`ve worth nothing, so really just rumbling around.

  2. Opponents don’t know what to do with a functional family in the White House so they try to change the image away from No Drama Obama.

  3. Wow, there are even stuffs like this? Politics can definitely make a person’s peaceful life into a “not so boring” one. 🙂

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