Official Family Portrait 2011

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Dec 152011

New official portrait of the First Family…


They’re really holding on to those girls, aren’t they? They grow up so fast!

  4 Responses to “Official Family Portrait 2011”

  1. They’ve done a great job keeping their daughters out of the public eye. I wouldn’t have recognized those pretty girls if they weren’t with their parents.


  2. Of all the members of his family, Mr. Obama always has the biggest smile on his face. The man MUST be happy to be married and have children because his job hasn’t given him much to be happy about. He may need to put a little coloring in his hair for the 2012 campaign. The amount of gray is increasingly visible as his term progresses.

  3. We actually have a functional family in the White House! It’s been a long time since that has happened. Something is ironic about a “Moral Majority” supporting a two time divorcee who served his dying wife divorce papers, plus Newt has ethics violations from not long ago. I was appalled when one of the Bush twins had surgery and “Mr. Family Values” took a vacation to Camp David rather than visiting his daughter in the hospital. Clinton – love his policies and leadership, but his term of office will always be know as “Sex Between the Bushes.” All this talk about morals, yet the Republicans are good at down playing the “No Drama Obama” aspect.

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