Nov 292011

It is incomprehensible to me how Rick Perry even remains in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination. His campaign is a complete embarrassment to the state of Texas, if not the entire United States of America. Today, he further proved what a moron he is…

Aside from the usual silliness at the beginning of that clip, the two glaring mistakes at the end make even George W. Bush appear intelligent. In case you didn’t catch them … and how could you not? … here they are: 1) The voting age in the United States is 18, not 21; and, 2) Election day in 2012 falls on November 6, not November 12. Then again, perhaps Republicans should take his message to heart.

  7 Responses to “Embarrassment to Texas”

  1. Is the GOP intentionally trying to throw this election?

  2. What most Americans fail to realize, is that all of The Current Republicans were chosen by The NWO Elite primarily due to their own political defects… after all, Obama is already their chosen candidate for 2012… and, like all of our other elections, the fix is already in! President Obama is the leader that was chosen to hand all authority over to their New North American Union. Meanwhile, the election itself is a sham.

    The fact that neither: You Irate Democrats, nor The Upset Republicans – can seem to figure it out, honestly doesn’t surprise me very much…. People who can’t play tick tac toe, shouldn’t bother with checkers, and are entirely wasting their time playing chess!

  3. @ Jeshurun:
    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy people like you. Tell me, was the moon landing real?

    P.S. How about a game of chess? Let’s waste a little time.

  4. @ Len.

    Indeed, Len, the feeling is mutual. Why not, tell me:

    – Did President Clinton Veto: Freetrade and NAFTA – After he ran against them?

    – Did Bush keep His Campaign Promises For: Smaller Government and A Balanced Budget? Or, Make It Bigger and Explode It?

    – Did Obama: Pull Out Of The Middle East and Eliminate The Patriot Act? Or, actually broaden its UnConstitutional Powers?

    In fact, since John F. Kennedy’s Murder, has any American President kept any of his promises to restore The Republic? Or, only those promises that would accelerate its eventual demise – in favor of that North American Union?

    And, what was President Kennedy, himself, talking about – prior to his murder? Secret Societies… Threats To Our Internal Security… and Other Secretive Forces beyond own own political structures???? If Our Own President was speaking of these things, then why has there never been any investigations into such things – after his own murder?

    Was President John F. Kennedy [ himself ]: ” A Whacko, or Nutcase “? Somebody sure wanted him dead….

  5. @ Len.

    If The Presidents that we are actually voting for, are running based upon political platforms that they have no actual intentions of doing, once finally elected for those very same political reasons, then who are they working for? It certainly can’t be us… since, they’re continually lying to us! So, who then?

    And, if they aren’t working for us any way, then how far fetched is it really that they’re all [ every last one of them ] working for the very same people otherwise?

    Republicans Run To The Right… And, Then, Move To The Left!

    Democrats Run To The Left… And, Then, Move To The Right!

    And, Where Is That Center?

    Their: New World Order, North American Union, Peace And Prosperity Partnership, One World Government, One World Currency, One World Political Control, Elimination Of Constitutional Rights, FEMA Camps, Martial Law, and Social-Fascist Authoritarianism! hmmm….

    Who says, that Democrats and Republicans can’t find grounds for their own mutual agreement? When it comes to fatally destroying America, I think that they’re definitely upon the same page!

    If you can’t even see that, then you don’t need to bother playing me Chess! I’d slaughter you….

  6. @ Jeshurun:
    Enough, Francis (Jeshurun?). I appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but you need to keep it in your own backyard. Please. Thanks.

  7. @ Len.

    What’s my own backyard? I’m neither a Democrat, nor a Republican… but, however, I am an American. In fact, I say it like it is to both of you! The Democratic-Republican Uni-Party is ultimately ‘ The True Problem In America ‘; and those who keep switching back and forth between them – hoping for something different – are those: ” Suckers Born Everyday ” – that PT Barnum himself could have been just as easily referring to!

    Why even hold Political Elections, when both political parties are stacked against you; and the major media is entirely complicit in destroying every Third Party that attempts to arise? Oh, yeah… The Illusion Of Political Democracy – for all of those: ” Ignorant And Hovering Masses ” – Right? Give me a break!

    I’m not your usual idiot…. You can lie to them, but not me! I know exactly what’s going on.

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