Nov 082011

Herman Cain held a press conference this afternoon. Standing in front of no less than four U. S. flags, he swore that never knew the four (soon to be five) women who are accusing him of sexual harassment (if not sexual assault). They are liars, he is not. This is all stuff made up by A) the media, B) other Republicans or C) the Democrats just to get him out of the race for the Republican nomination.


One thing that came out of today… Herman Cain definitely proved that Herman Cain is a Republican. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He is the only one telling the truth. He is the victim and everyone is out to get him. Yep, Republican all they way.

Things are going to get a lot worse for Herman Cain but I hope he can stick it out for a while longer. It’s fun to watch the Republicans twitch like this.