Oct 242011

Twenty-three participants in Occupy Dallas were arrested in front of Chase Bank this morning. About 120 of the protestors had marched to the bank to encourage customers to withdraw their money and close their accounts. They were asked to leave and when they refused, they were arrested on charges of criminal trespass and excessive noise.

While I totally agree with their goals, I believe there is a better way. See previous post.

P.S. Anybody else having problems with Entrecard?

  8 Responses to “Protest at Chase Bank Dallas”

  1. As angry as we are with banks and big business, pulling out all of our money would not accomplish our goals.

  2. Entrecard has not been working properly for about a month now. As soon as I think they have it fixed it starts up again.
    My opinion of banks is not very good. Should you pull your money out? No. Shop around do some homework. And then move your money. Some of the big banks do need to be put out of business. But it needs to be done properly. One big guy in our neck of the woods that likes to squish little people is Bank America. I withdrew my money from them and placed it into a local bank.

  3. My mother has been complaining about Bank of America for years, crappy interest, fees, etc. I keep telling her to switch to my bank, it’s one of those small local operations. Better interest, better customer service, less fees….how can you go wrong? (Even there it’s gotten worse though, when I first opened my accounts there the interest on savings was over 2%, now it’s about 1/2%. Mom’s BoA account has about 1/4% plus they charge a fee for balances under a minimum amount.)

    EC hasn’t been working very well lately here either, although somehow I feel at least part of the problem is either FireFox or my computer or both. Hangs, crashes, it’s annoying. Sometimes I open FF and it stalls while I’m waiting for it to load.

  4. Yes, hard time dropping, works part of the day, but not well. Telling people to pull their money out is stupid, causes panic and will not solve the problem they think they have. Go to work people

  5. While I don’t think the protesters should have been talking to people in front of the bank to get them to pull out, it would indeed be a huge message for everyone to start banking with their local credit unions. I did this years ago. Banking with credit unions has the same perks and benefits, BUT the added benefit of keeping money in your local community as opposed to big corporate entities.

  6. Tough time for banks and investors. People cannot solve a problem by following these type of protests.

  7. I’m not too happy with banking business model. most of them are only concerned with their business and profits for its shareholders, attract a lot of interest, administrative and transaction costs, etc. so it is not surprising if there were many protests to them.

  8. @Russ – forget about entrecard – it’s a big waste of effort – none of my ads have been running and juts on eblog displayed on my widget that should have been taken off days ago

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