Poli Sci 101

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Oct 232011

Pop quiz time. This one is multiple choice, so I expect at least half of you to get it correct.


(Click to enlarge.)

So how did you do?

  6 Responses to “Poli Sci 101”

  1. there is only one possible answer and that is F.Everything else is just window dressings.

  2. I think Len should maybe catch up on how states are working very, very, hard to suppress the vote in 2012.

    So my answer is all of the above.

  3. I would say all of the above. F facilitates the change but the others help clarify the decision.

  4. @ Pat In Massachusetts:
    It is a well known and established fact that Republicans do better in elections when fewer people vote. They know this and it is why they are working very hard in the states they control to minimize the number of people who will vote in next year’s elections. It is also why it is vitally important that you go to the polls and that you take everybody you know with you.

    If the Republicans win in 2012, we can kiss this country goodbye.

  5. Voting and the electoral system is such a rigged game that the only viable option I see here is Option D. The Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation movements weren’t won by “voting in the right people.” They were won by loud and angry protesting that society could no longer ignore.

  6. @ Karla:
    Republicans are very, very good at ignoring the voice of the people.

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