Oct 142011

Anita Perry has stepped in it again… right up to her knees this time. She is blaming President Obama because son Griffin had to resign his six-figure position at Deutsche Bank to work full time on his father’s campaign. This is priceless…

Anita Perry blames Obama for son’s job loss

Pendleton, South Carolina (CNN) – Rick Perry’s wife Anita said Friday that she could sympathize with the plight of the unemployed because her son was forced to resign his job to take a more active role on his father’s presidential campaign.

Anita Perry blamed the Obama administration for her son having to resign his position.

“My son had to resign his job because of federal regulations that Washington has put on us,” Mrs. Perry said while campaigning for her husband in South Carolina, after a voter shared the story of losing his job.

“He resigned his job two weeks ago because he can’t go out and campaign with his father because of SEC regulations,” she continued, referring to the Securities and Exchange Commission. “He has a wife… he’s trying to start a business. So I can empathize.”

“My son lost his job because of this administration,” she said a few minutes later.

According to press reports, the Perrys’ son, Griffin, worked at Deutsche Bank.

I’m sure that Daddy’s campaign is more than making up for little Griffin’s lost wages at the job from which he resigned. He did not “lose” his job, Anita, he resigned from his job. Big difference. Big, big difference. Plus, he’s still being paid. I am almost certain that once Daddy’s campaign is over, one of his rich friends will ensure that Griffin is more than taken care of. In your world, though, I suppose you could compare that to somebody who has really lost their job and is unable to find another.

Must be nice in your world. You really should be spending more time in that $10,000 per month mansion we Texans are paying for you to live in.

Griffin, Anita and Rick Perry
Griffin, Anita and Rick Perry


Oct 142011

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