Jamey Rodemeyer

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Sep 212011

Anderson Cooper reports…

Jamey’s video…

Rest in peace.

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  1. How many students must die before we understand the magnitude of bullying in this E-age.

    Rest in peace Jamey!

  2. It’s different than when we were kids. These kids can’t even escape from this at home with the social media.

    Teachers at my school do not accept the word “gay.” That would be in huge trouble for a kid.

  3. Yes Joyce you are absolutely right. The problem is not the physical bullying alone, the problem is the bullying via internet, phone or texting – that many parents are not aware of.

    Not to accept the word ‘gay’ in school doesn’t really help does it.
    It pushes the problem outside from schools but away from home – where the those who are being bullied are left on their own without protection.

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