Sep 062011

Rick Perry, erstwhile governor of the state of Texas, is now saying that he may miss tomorrow night’s “debate” to be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California amongst the people seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. It would be Perry’s first opportunity to appear on stage with the other candidates.

Those of us who know Rick Perry find this development not surprising in the least. Texas does not need his help in fighting the wildfires now raging in our state. All he does is appear on television to repeatedly warn all of us not to do anything that may start a fire. His Lieutenant Governor, I am sure, could handle that duty. The truth is that our Ricky does not want to debate his opponents. We recall that he flatly refused to debate his Democratic opponent, Bill White, during our last gubernatorial campaign.

He does not want to appear to be the unprepared hick that he is.

Of course, Perry’s people have not yet said for certain whether or not he will appear in California tomorrow evening. I, for one, would be pleasantly surprised if he did. I say pleasantly because it would be fun to watch him try to address some of the issues facing our country right now… as if these Republicans really have any intention of actually doing that anyway.

Here is the AP report as it appeared in The Dallas Morning News. The emphasis at the end is mine…

Perry says Texas wildfire ‘mean’ as he’s ever seen

BASTROP, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry says the wildfire burning in the central part of the state is “as mean looking” as he’s ever seen.

Perry left his presidential campaign Monday in South Carolina to return to Texas and deal with the fire, which covers 25,000 acres near Bastrop and has already destroyed nearly 500 homes…

Perry said it’s too soon to tell whether he’ll miss Wednesday’s GOP debate in California. He added that he’s “not paying attention to politics right now.”

Who is he kidding? Politics is all he ever pays attention to. That is when he’s not busy executing somebody.

Remember to use both hands, Governor.