Sep 012011

Not much happening today so the national media has been making a big deal out of the “kerfuffle” surrounding the scheduling of President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress next week. Personally, I think the whole thing is pure silliness. Speaker of the House John Boehner sure comes off looking the fool.

I think this person hits the nail squarely on the head…

Obama just might have played this rescheduling thing perfectly, especially if he knew the date of the Republican “debate” well in advance.

So far, the Republican debates have produced nothing of substance, only reasons NOT to vote Republican next year. A bunch of right wingers trying to show each other which one can outdo the other in hating Obama, “libbruls,” poor and sick people.

Obama is much better off letting the ignorant and uninformed Republicans rant and fume before a full audience, and then himself show up on TV the next night and be, by comparison, the very image of rationality. He even has a day to modify his speech to take into account the ridiculous things that his Republican opponents will spew out during their propaganda session disguised as a debate. All the while, he can say he was accommodating Bonehead in the name of bi-partisanship, as all he did was accede to a direct request from Bonehead.

If Bonehead really had the best interests of the Republican Party at heart, he’d shoot for ANY distraction from the Republican “debate,” so that as little attention would be focused on their candidates’ inadequacy as possible. Now, the whole world will be watching, and except for Fox viewers, their status as not-fit-for-prime-time will be out there in its undiluted splendor for the whole world to see.

I wonder how the Republican participants in the “debate” feel, now knowing they will be nothing more than a warm-up act for Obama, much like the clowns in a circus tent? I’ll bet that thinking Republicans are more pissed-off about the re-scheduling than Democrats, and if they aren’t, then it’s because thinking Republicans are an extinct species.

My thanks to the reader who pointed me to this little essay. Oh, and I’m guessing that “Bonehead” is John Boehner. I do no editing when I quote.

Also, in preparation for tomorrow evening’s Friday Night Cartoons and to maybe bring a smile to your Thursday evening, here are few of the cartoons from a year ago this week. Not much changes in a year, does it?

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P.S. The treatment afforded this Democratic president by this Republican party has been nothing short of shameful.

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