House approves

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Aug 012011

By a vote of 269 to 161, the House of Representatives approved the debt reduction deal worked out yesterday. 174 Republicans and 95 Democrats supported the deal; 66 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted against it.

The Senate will vote at noon tomorrow and is expected to also approve. The legislation will then go to President Obama for his signature.

I still think we could have done better.

Aug 012011

President Obama has released a video extolling the virtues of the deficit reduction/debt ceiling deal agreement reached yesterday…

He knows his base is upset by this deal and he’s trying to calm and reassure them. I’m still not convinced that this is the deal we need nor is it the best we could have done with just a bit more effort. Don’t get me wrong… I still support President Obama and will definitely be voting for him next year. He’s a thousand times better than the alternative. But, still, I wish he’d toughen up just a bit.