Refusing to win

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Jul 252011

Greg Sargent points out that the Republicans seem to be refusing to accept victory, even though they are getting everything they have been saying they wanted all along in the current debt ceiling negotiations. He correctly points out that there are only three possible reasons for their confusing and irrational behavior…

First: The GOP wants another debt ceiling fight closer to Obama’s reelection. Second: Even though Dems have given up on getting new revenues, a one-shot deal could help the president politically. Third: Republicans, having seen Dems concede multiple times already, see no reason not to drag us even closer to the brink in hopes of extracting still more. Perhaps GOP leaders think getting still more will make it easier to sell the compromise to a caucus that is now populated with a non-trivial number of public officials who are so delusional that they won’t raise the debt ceiling under any circumstances — even if Republicans are given 100 percent of what they want in return.

By the way, did you know that the federal debt ceiling was raised seven times while George W. Bush occupied the White House? Can anybody recall any of those times being this big of a deal?

I think Bruce Plante pretty much nailed it in this cartoon (from Friday Night Cartoons a couple of weeks ago):


The ball is in their court.

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  1. If I remember right it was reported in the news a couple weeks ago that Boehner was ready to agree to a deal but the Tea Partyers in Congress pitched a hissy fit. This would all be over already if it wasn’t for the TP.

    I have come to the conclusion that TPers are not republicans after all. They’re anarchists. They won’t be happy until this country goes down in flames.

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