Jul 152011

Click on the first image, or on any image, and an automatic slideshow will begin. Images will change at seven second intervals. You will also have the option of stopping the slideshow and scrolling through the cartoons at your leisure. Enjoy!

anderson071111.jpg   bagley071111.jpg   billday071311.jpg

branch071111.jpg   cam071111.jpg   darkow070811.jpg

darkow071211.jpg   fell071111.jpg   fitzsimmons071111.jpg

.jpg   jones0712111.jpg   judge071011.jpg

judge071111.jpg   judge071211.jpg   judge071411.jpg

lowe071111.jpg   luckovich071011.jpg   luckovich071211.jpg

margulies071311.jpg   matson071111.jpg   morin071111.jpg

morin071311.jpg   morin071411.jpg   plante071211.jpg

plante071311.jpg   priggee071111.jpg   sherffius071311.jpg

singer070811.jpg   smith071411.jpg   sorenson071111.jpg

stein071211.gif   zyglis071111.jpg   bagley071411.jpg

bennett071511.jpg   cole071411.jpg   horsey071411.jpg

lowe071511.jpg   margulies071411.jpg   markstein071411.jpg

sack071411.jpg   streeter071411.jpg   zyglis071411.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented an observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

Bonus video (may not be viewable outside the United States):

Saturday additions:

bennett071611.jpg   branch071611.jpg   keefe071611.jpg

matson071611.jpg   wolverton071611.jpg


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  1. As always, another great collection of on-the-spot sarcastic cartoons. They always make me giggle.

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