Jun 302011

When Rick Perry finally gets around to jumping into the rat race for the Republican presidential nomination — which should be any day now that the Texas legislature is finally done destroying the state for another two years — you will be hearing a lot about how Texas has led the nation in job creation during his time as governor. What you will not be hearing is how and at what cost all those jobs were created. That’s why you should take a moment and read:

How Rick Perry created all those jobs

Having a governor who does whatever businesses want — including appointing compliant judges who will freely disregard the law to serve the interests of large corporations regardless of what they do to people like Cathie Williams makes Texas extremely attractive to business. Corporations don’t generally care about miscarriages of justice. They care about being given free passes so they can earn more money. So Perry has made Texas a state with lots of new jobs because it has a court system weighted in favor of corporations against its citizens.

Rick Perry’s secret to job creation is no secret at all: It’s the same recipe used in places like Mexico and Malaysia. Here, companies save millions they would otherwise have had to spend on responsibility. It’s a tradeoff: Give up on public schools, healthy air, and your Constitutional rights and you can have a job.

Oh, and P.S. — All those jobs were not actually “created.” They are jobs that were moved here from other states. So for every job gained in Texas, a job was lost in another state. Tough luck on you, huh?

And if for some reason you require further proof of where Rick Perry’s heart truly lies, you should probably read “Govs. Rick Perry And Rick Scott Go AWOL During State Emergencies To Attend Secret Koch Event.”

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  1. This is sooooo true! Be careful on who you vote for!

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