The Weiner thing

 Posted by at 21:07  Democrats, Politics
Jun 082011

A few people have asked my why I haven’t said something about the Anthony Weiner situation. I’ve nothing to say, really. He seems to be behaving a lot like the new generation of politicians we now have in Washington, D.C. I do believe, however, that the people who are now screaming for his head on a platter need to take care of cleaning their own houses before they worry about his.

Nancy Pelosi should hold her hearings to determine if any laws were broken or any rules of the House of Representatives violated. If so, appropriate action should be taken. If not, we should move on and let him and his family sort this out.

I’ll close by saying that nothing that is happening right now comes as a surprise to me. I knew there would be some skeletons escaping from his closet as soon as I heard he was going after Clarence Thomas. It hurts me, though, that a bottom feeder like Andrew Breitbart should gain any credibility or notoriety from this.

And that, friends, is all I have to say about that.